Well, I was feeling wordy today, so here ya go!

Mid-September 2020 finds us in the heart of a storm: a pandemic, national leadership in a shambles, which at the very least on its face appears to condone crimes against humanity on its own shores, ever-increasing instances of unchecked police brutality, blatant racism openly expressed, and the heightened awareness of racial injustices.

When the stress levels of life rise, many of us #MakerPeeps fall back on one of the things that give us comfort: creating with our hands.  If we happen to be multicraftual, it could include baking, beading, drawing, playing musical instruments, writing, sewing, yarn dyeing, among many other things…but we always come back to crafting.  For many of us, that is crochet!



I’d like to think that by now, the varieties of techniques and stitches have displayed the vast range of crochet in the eyes of people who thought it was primarily doilies and granny squares, both of which are phenomenal staples in the crochet repetoire.  I feel it’s safe to say almost everyone who knows how to crochet has made at least one or both of them.

The #PandemicPivot may have opened up more and different opportunities, and hopefully provided some the encouragement needed to step out and do something new, different or BIGGER!  I’ve been teaching crochet for decades, and it gave me the nudge to teach online, which I’m looking forward to doing again and on a more regular basis.  This is the kind of moment in time where people can step into a new or larger arena without some of the hindrances that stopped them before.  Give yourself permission and Carpe Diem!

P.S.:  VOTE!!!  Check the laws in your state for absentee / mail-in / early voting and #RememberInNovember