Save the Date: August 19-23, 2020

Psst…hey, y’all; it’s Vonne…and I have exciting news to share! FIBERWORLD 2020 is the next evolution of the virtual fiber festival…and you can get a sneak peek here: There will be many of the familiar things you associate...

Classes at Michaels!

Just wanted to do a drive-by post and let y’all know my friend Claudette Brady is teaching knit classes at the Atlantic Avenue location. So far…

Happy Black History Month!

Hello, my peeps! Welcome to February, the shortest and Blackest month of the year. Rather than rehash the usual info, I challenge you to learn more about our history, culture, languages, food, inventions, and contributions to the world society that weren’t...

Day 7 of Kwanzaa: Imani

The seventh and final principle of Kwanzaa is Faith, which we need to believe in our parents, teachers, leaders and our brethren and sistren as a whole, as well as our righteousness and victories.

Day 6 of Kwanzaa: Kuumba

The sixth of seven principles is Creativity (which I personally feel is one of my gifts) to do what we can to benefit, beautify and improve our community.

BIPOC Business Wrap-Up 2019   For my last post of the year, I thought I’d highlight the businesses owned by Black and Indigenous People of Color that I’ve learned of and / or supported this year....

Day 5 of Kwanzaa: Nia

The fifth of seven principles is Purpose where we prioritize the continued building and development of our community to restore our historical greatness.

Day 4 of Kwanzaa: Ujamaa

The fourth of seven principles is Cooperative Economics; building and maintaining our own businesses and profiting therefrom to reinvest in and rebuild our communities.

Day 3 of Kwanzaa: Ujima

The third of seven principles is Collective Work and Responsibility; primary in rebuilding and maintaining our original village culture.

Day 2 of Kwanzaa: Kujichagulia

The second of seven principles is Self-Determination…how we define, name, create and speak for ourselves.  We must re-learn,  remember and reclaim our greatness as a people.  

Day 1 of Kwanzaa: Umoja

The first of the seven principles is Unity revolving around family, community, nations, race, and pride of African culture and heritage .